Thursday, August 7, 2008


I've just been advised that in July we had 17 days of rain!

I am sat in a huge downpour as I type.....what will the total be for August I wonder?

Rain, rain go away!
Come again another day!


Almost American said...

It has been a very wey summer so far! My kids have started to expect at least one thunderstorm a day at this point!

Apparently we had funnel clouds within a few miles this evening! I'm glad I didn't know about that until AFTER they cancelled the tornado warning!

Almost American said...

wet, not wey!

Jan said...

We had a very wet spring and early summer, but these past 10 days have been hot, hot, hot. 100F+ every day, now I'm wishing the rain would come back. :-(

Anonymous said...

This rain is INSANE!!!!

I am losing my mind-- or what shreds of it I once had-- oh my god-- make the rain STOP!!


Expatmum said...

You could be in England though!
Actually we've had funny weather here in Chicago. It's cooler than normal (thank god) and on Monday evening a rather fierce tornado had us hiding in the basement (first time ever) but it headed down to Indiana just before getting here (sorry Indiana.)