Monday, August 18, 2008


Oh yes my youngest is about to go to the big K in 2 weeks.

Suddenly I have been having sad thoughts.

"Where did my baby go?"

Now, as I teach Pre-school I am very aware of overprotective parents. On the first day of school I assure them that I will look after their babies as if they were my own as I shoo them out of the door.

"Oh my, have I become one of the clan?"

"Emm just maybe!"

How did any of you cope?

I hope that I am not carried away screaming & sobbing from the school gates like a sad cow.

"Get real woman...he will only be there for 3 hours maximum."

"Oh yes I feel better already."


Janice (aka HRH, Mme. L) said...

I personally feel being one of "those" parents isn't as bad as it sometimes seems...I think the OTHER kind of parent is worse "here, get this kid out of my hair"

I am proud to be one of the first group of parents my dearest....and yes, the teachers, the principal and the school nurse would all agree with me. ;)

Expatmum said...

My youngest starts K on Sept 5 and I'm a little anxious, but given that it's still not a full day at school, I'm not thrilled about the half day thing either!

ExpatKat said...

Leaving my youngest at pre-school with a load of strangers for the morning when we first arrived in America was hard. I cried as I walked away from the school. Neither he nor I knew a soul and even although he had been to daycare 3 days a week in Norway, it was hard to leave him that first day in the US. He, ofcourse, had a wonderful time!

Daffodilly said...

Wow you are strong women!

Almost American said...

My littlest one starts kindergarten next week too. He's going to the school his big sister goes to, and will have the same teacher she had - who we LOVE. So it won't be so bad - except that this severs our ties with the wonderful daycare we've been connected with for the last 8 years. For me that's far harder than sending him off to kindergarten. I've already had a few little cries about it!

Perhaps saving a significant amount of money in daycare charges each month will help me get over it! ;-)
It will be nice having only one drop off and pick up too. I'm glad we have full day kindergarten here though - half day hours would drive me crazy! DS would wonder what had happened - he's so used to being at daycare from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.