Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pick a house.

We managed to borrow a boat for a couple of hours and went for a tootle.

Sometimes living on top of our hill we get a little detached from the world that we live in.

We boated rather quickly ( Sir L is a speed king!) around Governors Island where the smallest house is worth over a million. Please excuse the angle of number 2 Sir L put his foot down!
There is oodles of money on the island & it is right here in NH which is known more for its beautiful countryside & hickies than rich folk.

So pick which house would suit your dreams:

The fairytale turret style?

Maybe the large wooden tree house look?

Its fun to daydream.
One day.......


best buy penny stock said...

its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

Gill - That British Woman said...

I wouldn't say no to any of them........just popped in to say hi.

Gill from Canada, originally from Britain........