Monday, September 29, 2008

BBC America

Well I'm not too sure if I told you this or not. We decided to have our TV cut off for the summer due to many reasons:

1. We were working all hours on 6 sheds the rental, no time for leisure.

2. The kids were sneaking TV whilst we were out & number 3 was using unsuitable words from Power Rangers etc.

3. My Yorkshire husbands roots rubbed off on me ..why pay for it when we were never home watching it?

So in June disconnected we became!

I have to say that I did not miss the TV until this week when all my Fall stuff came on; Survivor, Greys Anatomy, Desperate Housewives etc

So yesterday we excitedly became connected again!

Not only that but we also upgraded to get the BBC America which we never had before.

Sir L is sat watching Top Gear laughing his socks off and enjoying the English humour and bluntness....I'll never get him to turn it off!

I have to say it is bloody brilliant!


Almost American said...

We watch the same shows! I was very happy when we managed to get BBC American without upgrading to an expensive cable TV package. We added digital 'basic' to our 'basic' $7/month package. We watch so little TV - but with the cable package we've got now we've got plenty to entertain us.

Obnoxious as he is, we like watching Graham Norton, though DH usually falls asleep before the end of the show!

Expat mum said...

Top Gear! My 12 and 5 year old boys are absolutely addicted. Watch the Botswana episode when it comes on. It's hilarious, as is the one where they drive from Florida through Alabama.

Daffodilly said...

Almost American who is your cable company as that is so cheap Sir L & his Yorkshire blood will be curdling!

Almost American said...

We have Comcast. Their $7/month rate (for little more than network channels) is not advertised - you have to know to ask for it.

When I called to add cable internet, the woman I spoke to did her job and tried to sell me a bigger cable package and phone service. I explained that we make no long distance calls so had no interest in the phone service. (We use the cellphones or Skype for the UK, but I didn't tell her that!)

I added that the only cable channels we were interested in were BBCAmerica for me and The History Channel for DH and I had no interest in changing my $7/month for TV to $60 something (plus the $40 something for broadband) when I was about to add to my bill with the cable internet service. She immediately responded that I didn't have to do that as we could buy basic digital in addition to basic cable TV and it would cost us much less. Once again, this is an unadvertised package - you will find no mention of it on their website! So for about $65/month we got exactly what we wanted.

Daffodilly said...

Can you believe it Sir L was hot to trot however we do not get Comcast in NH!!!!!

Thanks anyway!

Janet said...

We have no cable service as we watch very little TV. But we do watch some British telly most evenings now, and it doesn't cost a bean. See my recent post on British telly on my blog.

Mom/Mum said...

I am gobsmacked you had no TV for the summer... that is admirable. I am terrible at using the TV as a babysitter for my kids so I can get on the computer. Bad bad mummy...
(We too are addicted to Top Gear)

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