Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"K" soccer ctd

Well this week the little girl who had her bottom pinched arrived for soccer with her dad in tow. He kindly volunteered to assist ( in other words keep my son off his daughter!) The police also turned up as I pointed out to my child to remind him that peoples bums are privates and not to be touched! (In fact the policeman's son was playing, however there is nothing like a uniform to get a kids attention.)

Now you may think that I overact a little here and that I am a cruel heartless mother however my number 3 is a confident child who fears nothing. In fact he is not even that bothered about the whole scenario.

Let me explain a little more...

In NH I find that the majority of people are quite modest & prudish when it comes to anything to do with their bodies. Many of my friends kids have never seen them naked, shared baths or showers with them. They never let their kids run around in the buff, grimace at the thought of a thong and they even wear undies in bed as well as pj's! I guess my European roots kick in here and my meagreness "who wants to wash undies & PJ's?"

At home we tend to have a more open approach about the whole situation as we do not want the kids to be self conscious or ashamed of their bodies. Anyway, my reason for digressing here is that I tend to have to over compensate for situations such as bottom pinching.

I know that some of the mothers were shocked to pieces about number 3's action which flabbergasts me, there again the culture difference is apparent.

When I am having an "I'm sick of trying to fit in" moment I picture the "NH chinny knickered mums" arriving on a nudist beach in France or even a topless one in Spain just for a chuckle!

Bad aren't I?

Anyway soccer was a little better this week. My latest issue is one of the kids that likes to put his hands on his hips, scream at the top of his lungs and plow directly into his team to see who he can knock flat on their back!

Hmmm duct tape springs to mind!


Little Britainer said...

I'm glad soccer/football was better this week.

Interesting you wrote about the prudishness of NH parents... I think I'm becoming more prudish the longer I live here. I notice when I go back home and swearing and nudity on tv seems a little shocking... I'm glad you're sticking to your guns.

Janet said...

I think the majority of Americans are a bit prudish, hell, there isn't even a 9 o'clock watershed on TV.

I love your image of the chinny knickered mums on a nudist beach.

Expat mum said...

Hey - less poking fun at the chinny knickered mums please. An American friend of mine always joked that you could always tell the American mothers on the beach as none of them ever wore a bikini. On the other hand, when you go on holiday in Europe, some of the English mums should, quite frankly, put their tops back on!!!