Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a flippin day!

Well what a day!

It starts off with the weather man saying it would rain at about 4pm today otherwise a lovely day. So I sent the kids off to school in t-shirts.

I drive to my school and the heavens open.

Not to worry I think it could just be a small rainstorm...oh no!

All the 3 year olds arrive and we settle into the day. The rain turns into a full blown storm..thunder and flashes of lightening and then a huge boom as the lightening hits the school. Off go all the alarms!

So we get the children in a line and take them out into the car lot into the pouring rain and have to put them into our cars as there is no other shelter. This is their first full day of school!

As I am popping kids into the car which is full of scooters, soccer balls, deck chairs and of course trash (from being on the road so much) I wonder how much of a health hazard it is. Oh well there is no other choice.

I then discover that one little boy had no shoes on and his socks were sodden. Three of the others had painting smocks on as we were in the middle of finger painting. One of the little poppets shows me her yellow painted hands as I try to see how many hand prints are on my car!

We then excitedly watch ( and jump around my car !) as the fire engines arrive & the hunky firemen jump out in full breathing apparatus to "save our school."

Twenty minutes later we are allowed back in and all is well except that the fire alarm will not stop!

At least this weeks newsletter will be interesting, they were all very good.

Oh, and Sir L has had to go to our rental (known as 6 sheds) as there is water pouring into the living room from the bathroom above!

Never a dull moment over here!


Almost American said...

Fire alarms going off in the rain and the snow are not fun!

I left my coat in the car this morning when I got to work, and when it was time leave the building to get to my next class at another school I got soaked :-(

Must check the forecast for tomorrow!

ExpatKat said...

Goodness, what a day! Hope the rental isn't too damaged.

Janet said...

I'm sorry you've had such a bad day. I hope 6 sheds wasn't too waterlogged.

Mom/Mum said...

What a day! Hope you've recovered?

AliBlahBlah said...

I constantly have the flip side of this problem - sending Anna off to school in long sleeves and long trousers when it's socked in with fog only to see it lifting in to a glorious 80ยบ day within minutes of me dropping her off at preschool!!

We too have renters, and boy the tales I could tell!! Good luck!