Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Blue Peter!

Did you know that today is Blue Peters 50th birthday?

The Queen is having a tea party for them, if only I could go!

Do you remember Valerie Singleton, John Noaks & Lesley Purvis? Where oh where have they gone?

This is my tribute to Blue Peter and to all the keys, stamps, buttons that we sent to their appeals to save the world.

We loved you so.

FYI there were lots of different colours which I only found out about today:
There are 6 Blue Peter badges:

The Blue badge: This is what the presenters on the show usually wear. Viewers of the programme can win one by either sending in an interesting letter, poem, picture or story, or by appearing on the programme. The design is a blue ship on a white shield.

The Silver badge: This is awarded to viewers who have already won a Blue badge; however, you have to do something different to win one. The design is a silver ship on a blue shield.

The Green badge: This is Blue Peter's environmental award. Viewers can win one by writing a poem or song, or telling the viewers about any 'green' subject. Presenters on the programme occasionally wear this badge instead of the blue one. It consists of a white ship on a green shield.

The Orange badge: This is given to viewers who have been either a winner or runner up in any of Blue Peter's many competitions. The design is a white ship on an orange shield. This replaced the original competition winners badge (which was round) in 2005.

The Gold badge: This is Blue Peter's highest award and is only given to people who have shown outstanding bravery and courage, or for people who have represented their country in an international event. The gold Blue Peter Badge is given out very rarely and you cannot 'earn' it like the others. Two dogs have also received the Gold badge, Bonnie in 1991 and Endal in 2003. This badge is a gold-plated brooch in the shape of the ship logo. It has also become tradition to present a leaving presenter with a gold badge on their final show. JK Rowling received a gold badge for her work on the Harry Potter series.

The Purple badge: This is awarded to 12 children a month who win the chance to spend a day working with the Blue Peter team. This new badge was introduced in September 2006. It was also awarded to the 'Purple Lady' visited by Gethin Jones on the show broadcast on Thursday 10th May 2007.


Allen and Endal said...

Hello there

I am Endal's owner and I'd love to send you a picture of him proudly wearing his Blue Peter badge but dont have a contact email Endal's website

warmest regards

Allen and Endal

Mom/Mum said...

Happy Birthday BP! I spent my childhood trying to get the Blue Badge. Didn't happen sniff sniff, nor did I get on Jim'll Fix It - the other badge I hankered after...

Mom/Mum said...

p.s I did hang out with a BP presenter a few times in my London days. konnie Huq is a good friend of a friend of mine. Does that get me a belated badge do you think?!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea it was their birthday today. You know, Queen or not, a tea party doesn't seem to cut it in my eyes...

ExpatKat said...

Happy Birthday BP! I loved this show and so did my children.

Daffodilly said...

I never owned a badge either...C'est la vie!

Janet said...

My hubby still has his Blue Peter badge (blue), he won it for a poem he wrote about his dog when he was a kid.

Expat mum said...

I know someone who has a BP badge for Irish Dancing on the show. I used to love John, Peter and Valerie with the sticky back plastic and collecting old cutlery for some cause or other.
I went to uni with Caron Keating, who was crackers, and the most breath-takingly beautiful person I think I've ever seen in real life.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I used to watch Blue Peter when I was a kid. Can't believe its 50 years old....great post,

Gill in Canada

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