Saturday, December 13, 2008

Honeywell Alert...Naff Week ctd again.

Oh yes sorry to drag on but its been an aging week.

Thursday I receive a call at work that is a recorded message advising me that the High School where my precious number 1 is, is under a siege, the school is secure and the police are handling the situation and DO NOT come to school.

I was trying to conduct circle time with my 3 year olds at the time.....

Then all the rumours start as the cell phone rings away, a child has a sawn off shot gun and a victims list and is shooting through the school.

I live in sleepy ville where everyone knows everyone plus all their business. However it is big hunting territory and guns are readily available. So the above senario is very doable. ( I made up this wonderful word)

After 40 mins I get the all is clear call. It was all a threat that has been resolved.

Who is going to pay for my face lift and hair colour?

You never hear of this happening in the UK yet it seems to be around too much in USA. I wish they would ban guns totally.

I know that America is a free country and guns are a part of the culture but I loathe them. They are not a toy, they are a weapon used for killing...which is not a game.

What are your opinions?


Almost American said...

What a naff week indeed! I hate guns too. How scary to get a call like that!

We didn't lose power, but Thursday when all it was doing was raining at home I got all the way to work to find it closed for the day because of the ice storm. They have a new automated calling system for cancellations and they had forgotten to put people like me who work in more than one building into the system! No work on Friday either. Nice - except that now I will finish next June two days after my kids finish school so I have two days of child care to a) find and b) pay for!

Janet said...

Oh, my God, what a nightmare. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I also hate guns. Britain is a "free" country too, and we manage to survive without the gun culture, for the most part anyway.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, nice to see you again, Daff.

Expat mum said...

Why wasn't this on the news? That's even more disturbing because it means that it's becoming too commonplace. They did report something last week about a kid who had taken a BB gun to school. Obviously not the same school. It is very scary and I don't think I would stay away from the school if my kids were in lock down inside.
Guns kill people as well as the people who carry them. Idiot NRA.

Janice (aka HRH, Mme. L) said...

Dearest need to make your presence known a bit better up there...I'm pretty sure the local PD and school authorities wouldn't DREAM of leaving Madame L a message saying "Don't come to school"...