Saturday, December 13, 2008

Naff week!

Well what a week of crap!

A two hour delay for school due to icy roads which would not have been a problem except I was having a minor test at the hospital and had to pull together emergency childcare at 6am!

Then two days later I had another yes another flat tyre in the middle of the Mall. I tried 2 tyre places to be advised a 2-3 hour wait! Oh yes I also need to add that another storm was rolling in.

I could not get hold of Sir L (my mechanic) as he failed to answer his frig... blackberry that is always on his person. The receptionist was about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

I nipped into a store to buy snacks & a few bits "n" bobs & went back to the tyre place that told me I had missed my spot..."Hello you said 2 hours I was gone 40 mins!"

They then advised me that as Sir L had put goop in my tyre it had wrecked the inner tube & I needed a new tyre & my sensor system would be broken! Rip off merchants!

Meanwhile number 3 knocked down a display all over the place!

I am about to cry so I call Sir L for the millionth time.....yes after numerous calls & 2 hours later he answers in a chirpy voice!

He tells me that they are talking crap and to just blow it up & drive home which is 45 minutes away in icy conditions.

So I leave the tyre place in a huff, dragging number 3 with me. Kick my car, climb in and cry.

My cell phone is ringing like crazy its Sir L..."what is the problem?"

It's OK for him as cars are "his thing" a flat tyre is no problem as he can fix it. However to me its the end of the world as I cannot. One problem with being married to an engineer... you become sloppy at these "I can mend it situations who needs a man!"

The phone rings again the kids activities are all cancelled due to the storm so they are heading home. Meanwhile I am going nowhere!

I pump up the tyre, forget the food shop and drive home down the back roads as I dare not hit the highway. The ice & snow are coming down fast. I am a blubbering mess, number 3 is as quiet as a mouse bless him!

I get home & it is flat again, I am so mad that Sir L did not mend it properly the first time as punctures really can be life or death in NH in the winter.

We are supposed to be going for a drink to an Open House for some Christmas Cheer.....I'm looking for a divorce or a shot gun!

That did not happen...icy weather outside, even colder at our house!

Anyway he has now mended the tyre & is even alive to tell the tale!

Still in the dog house though!

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Janet said...

Oh dear! I can so relate to all this. I'm also having one of those spells where if it can go wrong, it will. :-(