Saturday, December 13, 2008

Naff week (ctd)

The next day I awake to my 5 year old crying which is very unusual.

" I cannot see" in a shaky voice.

I'm thinking he has conjunctivitis and his eyes are sealed shut! So I climb out of bed to go to him.

It is very dark.

" Someone has built a wall around my bed and I cannot see!" says a scared little voice.

I go to his room and realise that we have no power., take him to our bed and snuggle down.

How cosy.

We had no power for 9 hours. Very frustrating as no laundry, dishes, vacuuming can be done. Most of all the kids have no TV or computer as everything was down.

We put the Christmas tree up which I thought was a wonderful idea, but alas no music to get us in the spirit.

We survived!

I'm sure that BP is laughing as not only does she have a totally solar house, she had flown out to sunny CA and missed the whole thing!

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