Monday, December 8, 2008

Bad Day!

Bad day!

There I was on my way out to an open night at my hairdressers for a free massage, wine etc when I got a flat tyre. This would not normally be an issue however did I forget to mention that it is 6 degrees outside with a whipping wind & pitch black?

I called Sir L who was leaving work and was on his way to our Uncles whose farmhouse had a boiler issue which would lead to frozen pipes later tonight. He tried to pump up my tyre with that canned goop that blocks leaks but the nozzle froze onto my valve & blocked it. A few strong words hit the air whilst he pulled out the tools to pull the darned thing off. Then the tyre would not inflate with air as it was blocked with goop.

Hence I had to drive home flat tyre & all hoo no massage or wine or cute little goodie bag. Now I need to get the puncture mended.

Poor Sir L got home & he had a puncture too..what the F..k!

Oh yes did I mention that my iron died on Sunday too....maybe I can turn American & just tumble dry????


Almost American said...

I hate the canned goop. A friend who's a mechanic advised me never to use it - says that it can ruin a tyre that otherwise would be fixable.

What a bummer missing out on some nice mommy-alone-time!

Expat mum said...

Why do these things always happen in bad weather?