Tuesday, December 23, 2008

10 Things that I am grateful for....

1. It is definitely going to be a white Christmas...6 inches on Thursday & 18 inches on Sunday.

2. I have ditched the 4 coloured woollen fancy hat due to frustration and knitted a scarf in a soy wool which is yummy...photo's to follow soon.

3. That today was the last day of work and school for all of my family as we all need a break.

4. Glad that I am done with the list of stuff I have to do, some of it still needs doing but I have given in as is it all really necessary?

5. Grateful that I was super smart and able to figure out how to use the new Cam corder that I bought for Sir L for Xmas, so that I could tape number 3's kindergarten concert today as he had to work.

6. Grateful to all my wonderful friends who have helped me through my mums absence especially my blogging ones.

7. Grateful that 2008 is nearly over as it has been a shite year!

8. Grateful that one of my darling students bought me real Belgian chocolates from Belgium....extra snack for you in 2009!

9. Grateful that there is hope for the country next year when Obama is in charge.

10. Most, mostest, mostly grateful that my sister, her husband and their delicious little girls are arriving on Christmas day for a 2 week visit!

If I do not post again before Christmas may you all have a wonderful time and be happy enjoy your friends and families.


Almost American said...

How cool that your nieces get a proper white Christmas!

I got some Belgian choccies from one of my students too.

Hope the wrapping's all done so you can relax this evening! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Expat mum said...

Have a good one!