Friday, February 13, 2009

The Doldrums!

It's that time in February in NH when its bitter cold, the kids seem to be in school only a few days a week due to conferences, teacher workshop days & of course the snow days. The remainder of the time they are either fighting or throwing wet snow clothes in the mudroom!

The Body Shop Butter supplies are running low, you cannot purchase enough chapstick to keep your lips attached to your face, your hair has a permanent woolly hat ring around it and you are getting fed up with ski-ing, reading, knitting, snow shoeing etc.

The economy is hitting hard at the moment with lots of our friends being laid off and there is very little employment where we live to find alternative employment, thank goodness there is no tax on alcohol here!

On a happier note we are off to FL chasing the sun & Mickey Mouse soon.

Every year when we arrive in a warmer climate after leaving the harsh bitter cold of NH I have this warm internal glow when I see grass and feel a warm breeze, it almost seems like a distant memory.

When I see a coconut tree I just about wet my knickers I am so excited!

The beauty of escaping for a while is that when you return the snow has started to melt & you know that spring will come along with my beautiful Daffodilly's!

Patience my dear!


Limey said...

I can not wait for this endless New England winter to end. It is incredibly depressing. When it was about 45 degrees earlier this week I felt like it was mid-summer!

MikeH said...

Winter in NH? Um, so sorry. I felt your pain. And say "Hi" to Mickey for me.

Expat mum said...

We had a glorious 60 farenheit on Monday. People were running around in jeans and jackets!! As you'd expect tho' we have plummeted back down to the 30's.

Daffodilly said...

It amazes me how you can gain or loose 40 degrees overnight! It's just not right!!!!