Saturday, February 7, 2009

Verizon where did you go????

Oh I am so ticked off with the world.

We have had Verizon for years, paid our bills, used their Internet & e-mail services and life was fine.

Then they sold out to Fairpoint.....grrrrrr!

They sent an e-mail asking us to change our e-mail addresses and that is where the problem started!

First of all there "handy help" link totally failed so we had no e-mails for 3 days and now that we are up & running we have to let all our blogs, address book etc know our new address.

Not an easy thing to do!

It is tiresome!

Plus change all our accounts that we subscribe to......oh yes and we are still paying the bills!

Where did good customer service go???

I think we will be moving...anybody love their Internet provider??


Gal Friday said...

Hmmmm..we just switched TO Verizon in the last month. But I am in a different state and I HOPE it'll remain Verizon for a while here.

Limey said...

I am a British Expat in Boston using Verizon. I've generally found them to be great - sorry you're having problems.

Can you help me 'follow' your blog - I don't see the link to do it as on other blogspot blogs.


Limey said...

How strange - that link wasn't there earlier! Thanks! - Limey