Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What the heck...Groundhog Day?

Now I love living in America and I adore some of the holidays e.g. July 4th with all the patriotism family gatherings and fireworks, Thanksgiving with all the family sat around a huge turkey however Ground Hog Day is an unbelievable day if you ask me.

I do not wish to insult any fellow Americans however holding a large rat up and seeing if he can see his shadow which then predicts the weather is beyond belief.

I can just imagine the response to me holding my pet hamster out in the cold and predicting the weather in the UK.....crazy woman, they would have me certified!


Almost American said...


Gal Friday said...

I'm American and have always hated this stupid "holiday" as well.

Generally, real winter would last about six more weeks anyway(maybe a tad longer in the more northern areas)so it doesn't even matter if the groundhog(woodchuck/marmot)(cute but rather unpleasant creatures--I had one living under my shed once who destroyed my garden within a week)

Gal Friday said...

oops..I meant to finish the sentence..it doesn't matter if the groundhog sees it's shadow or not.

Little Britainer said...

New York, not to be outdone by the official ground hog (named Punxsutawney Phil) who's based in Philadelphia, has it's own weather-forecasting groundhog. The New York groundhog is based in Staten Island and is called Charles G. Hogg, and yesterday he bit New York's billionaire Mayor Bloomberg (after the mayor asked him how much longer winter will last).

I have a kind of respect for this creature now.

Expat mum said...

Now, what I don't quite get is, if the freakin' (excuse the Americanism) ground hog can see its shadow, that would mean the sun is shining. Wouldn't that somehow predict better weather instead of worse?

Daffodilly said...

It's barmy!