Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Laser Hair Removal

Well today I was very brave and decided to tackle the dark growth above my lip with laser removal.

This method came highly recommended by a friend who had done it and gave marvellous reviews.

I very naively thought that it was the American translation for electrolysis, however it is not!

Just to put you all in the full picture here the experience is not particularly pleasant!

I had to lie down on a very comfortable bed. The lady then gave me a pair of metal sunglasses that looked like sunbed glasses but for nerds.

Of course being English I obliged and put them on without question!! Dur!

Then she explained what would happen. A small pain and a flash of light; how simple was that I thought?

I could not imagine how I could see a flash of light as the goggles were very tight and I could not open my eyes.

After hearing the machine warm sounded very noisy apparently it was (just calibrating whatever that means) she approached me and it suddenly came into my mind what the hell was I thinking as I had not researched this at all!

I suddenly felt a sharp pain (very brief) and then saw a flash of what looked like a red flame! Then the acrid smell of burning hair...gross!

The first image in my imagination was this must look like a "Flash Gordon Movie."

She did this all of 4 times and I was done.


Would I recommend this...I'll let you know!


Anonymous said...

I have been debating doing this for months. My research has consisted on looking around online, so yeah, not so much. I can't wait to hear what you think. Was it sore afterward? Puffy? Red? Do you have to go back or is that it? Did you have to let your lip get all man hairy to have good growth to zap? How did you find a good place to get it done?

Sorry to deluge you.

Expat mum said...

God, you're brave. I'm glad I don't have a lot of body hair.

Janet said...

I think I'll stick with the bleaching. :-)

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