Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Questions, questions.

Here are some questions passed on to me by Almost American:

1. Do you think you are a different person here than you would have been if you'd stayed in the UK?

Definitely. I would have worked full time and struggled by being a mother and full time worker. I could not work with my first baby due to visa issues and it took forever to find a job as I am in a very rural area. Unless I want to work in a shop or ski resort there are very few decent well paying jobs around here. In the UK I would have followed a career.

2. If you could live in any other country in the world for a year (assuming there is magically no language barrier, let alone employment or visa issues) which country would you choose and why?

This would be a toss up between France (as we did live there for 6 months and loved it), or Australia as that was always our ultimate goal, however after visiting Australia I found that it was a mix of England and America. So I guess France!

3. What American traditions have you adopted that you never would have imagined being part of your life?

Oh I just love July 4th as I adore fireworks this is probably as my parents never let us have them for safety reasons. Also Thanksgiving day as it is always a restful family day and they are few & far between.

4. What, other than chocolate, do you miss most about the UK?

My family as I just love watching the cousins all blend together as if they have known each other forever. Food wise: bacon wheat crunchies, tea bags, lattes with chocolate on & not cinnamon, granary bread, scones and a good curry or ploughmans lunch.

The English sense of humour as sometimes people do not understand my sarcasm or opinions over here

5. What would your ideal vacation be?

It would be a very long European style one. Starting with a week in a gite in the south of France, onto Portugal, a quick cruise around the Mediterranean. Followed by 2 weeks in Fiji & New Zealand.

Of course it would be with my family and all cost free!

If you would like me to send you 5 question please drop me a comment!


Expat mum said...

My kids only have cousins in England so it's essential that we see as much of them as possible. They are very close to them and it almost brings a lump to my throat when we gather at my mother's and have a laff!
Funny, but I'm the same as you vis a vis the career in UK/US. Mind you, I worked here and only gave up when the Ball & Chain started travelling so much I couldn't keep it all together. Probably would have happened in England too.

Alison said...

Great answers - couldn't agree with you more about the food you miss. I would kill for a lovely thick slice of granary bread right now (why does all American bread contain honey??!).

Not brave enough to subscribe to the interview process as this is the first time I've had to sit down and type in a couple of months, but enjoyed following the thread from Almost American (great questions btw).