Saturday, August 7, 2010

Miracles do happen right?

It has been a weird week.

First of all the bad news Mittens our beautiful cat is missing. we have searched high & low for him but to no avail.

At the end of our land there is a huge dead tree that has become the proud preening post for 2 ugly huge turkey vultures. When they spread their wings I feel as if they are saying "where is dessert?"

Anyway moving on....

We live in the countryside at the entrance of a tiny cul de sac. Our gorgeous house is mostly surrounded by trees. Sir L  noticed a BMW parked on our land so I went to check it out as he had to leave. I was shocked to find a mattress in the back but even more shocked to find toilet paper...(yes it was used) by the car on MY LAND! Plus a big pooh! The car was empty which made me very nervous having 3 sleeping children in the house. Someone was obviously living in the car...however where were they now??????

I called the police who said they would look into it! Then I called the neighbours.

A few hours later after keeping all the doors & widows was stifling I called the police again.They had the car towed & said if we saw anyone looking for a lost car to tell them to call the police. As if you loose a car!

Oh yes nice one! So of course I could not leave the kids home alone incase it was a nutter or pedophile so we all went food shopping...that WAS fun! Now I remember why I try & shop alone.

So we are all waiting with baited breath..."where is the big pooher person?" Plus how dare she/he pooh on my land!!!!

Sometimes I think you are safer in the city!


Jane@WildeThymeKnits said...

OMG - what a fright. You know it's bad when you're forced to take the kids grocery shopping with you too! Hope you feel safer soon.

Limey said...

I'm more disturbed that someone poohed on your land than has been living there LOL! That's definitely scary though. The police really need to come and tow that away.

I hope that Mittens comes home soon. I know your heart must be breaking. Cats have a habit of taking little holidays without permission. Hopefully he'll come home soon.