Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wax everywhere!

Since this summer has been so warm we have spending a little more time on personal grooming!

I decided to invest in a home wax kit after reading great reports on them.

I know I am naive. Being typically English I do not remove every dark hair from my body including toes as do the Americans. I guess it is just a culture thing......I can hear your "Ewww's" already!

First issue with the home wax kit is that the hair must be one quarter of an inch long...that meant wearing at least Capri’s for a week in hot hot weather or swimming on the public beach after dark...I blended in very nicely!

Then we had the Freshman Orientation......definitely a skirt job. Out came the kit.

I was sensible I had an hour and a half to get ready...plenty of time right?

You have to bear in mind that I am a wimp when it comes to pain. I fainted when I had my ears pierced....I've had 3 c -sections after trying to deliver naturally proved to be impossible for my wee body! Do you get the picture???

So I spread the warmed wax on my legs...the boys start to fight so I am shouting from the bathroom to try & control them.....stress is starting to build!

Of course they ignore me as they are so ready to go back to school after spending nearly 3 months together!

I rip off the first layer "OUCH!" However nice hairless strip of skin. "I can do this" I say to myself.

Boys still screaming at each other...I join in whilst spreading the incredibly sticky wax on my legs. I rip off more of the stuff...hey success again! I'm a natural maybe I should train to be a beautician next? I am shreiking after each strip is painful!

Then I spill the wax on the problem I try to wipe it up....ehh no way! It is not budging. Oh well focus on the legs Daffodilly..clean up later!

Tears from the youngest...

One leg complete with blobs of wax still on it that will not come off. I use the oil they provided. Put some on cotton wool and rub my leg!

OMG I have cotton wool spread all over my legs that will not move. It's on my fingers and will not come off either. Youngest bursts into the bathroom.." he's killing me!"

Like I have time for this!

I yell at the boys to go to their rooms until I can resolve my wax invasion. The phone rings..."I'll have to call them back."

Time left to get ready 20 mins! Pressure!!!!

I wash my hands in soap & it just goes slimy & spreads. Then I hit the baby oil that does help remove some of it.

I tackle the next leg.

I wipe over both legs with the teeny weeny bottle of stuff they give me. It's all gone and there are still blobs of wax on my legs, the sink & the floor.

I jump in the shower...still wax blobs everywhere!

No time left we are running late number 3 is not impressed she is ready to go!

Meanwhile my boys are shouting to each other from their rooms...not nice comments either!

Have to leave but being a multi tasker I decide to put the dogs bed in its cleanly washed cover on the way out......the excess dog hair which is 4 inches long and white sticks to my legs!

I am trying to remove it to no avail!

Go to the orientation with sticky legs covered in white hair.

Return home to hit the bathroom.........its just not right spreading baby oil all over the floor and then trying to remove it with soapy water.

Anyone know how to remove wax from lino? Sir L is complaining that his feet are getting sticky!


Jane@WildeThymeKnits said...

OMG - I'm soooo sorry but this had me in fits of laughter........It's all so familiar! Good luck cleaning up the bathroom and by the way, however long you think you have, there's never enough time!

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