Sunday, August 8, 2010

Miracles really do happen!!!!

Five days of searching for our Mittens have gone by....I'm fearing the worst! We have visited the NH Humane Society where we did not find him however they had lots of hopeul cats looking at us with "pick me" faces!

Every night whilst lying in bed I hear the coyotes yipping and howling as they catch their dinner....hoping that it is not Mittens as they sound so wild and cruel.

Sometimes I feel like I am Laura Ingalls living on the praire!

My youngest is in a state crying and saying that we did not love the cat enough and gave the dog all the attention. "How do we know if he has gone for a wander or gone to heaven?"

Its been very upsetting trying to console him.

Yesterday our neighbours called to say they had found our lovely fluff ball...he had been locked in their brand new barn for 5 days. He is starving and dehydrated but he is back!

The tears of relief were pouring......he looks disgruntled here as we are not letting him out for a days.....

No sign of Mr or Mrs Big Pooh!!

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Limey said...

I am so glad he is back! Relief!