Sunday, August 22, 2010

What a superb summer!

This summer has been fantastic. The weather has been phenomal with bright blue skies, daily temperatures of 94 degrees and sun sun sun.....oodles and oodles of it!

The lake is sparkling clean and warm yet at the same time refreshing to swim in. Its a godsend when you reach boiling point..then jump in, have a quick swim and then get out to dry off....a great circle of life!

We've indulged in all the fresh fruit and veggies of summer including of course our new creation....yellowska! Our tomatoes have been great this year as have our blackberries. I feel I a Master Gardener & I'm not aware of it I do wonder?

We are all tanned with golden streaks in our hair which feels good.

We've had plenty of new discoveries....waterfalls that the kids climb and then jump off the rocks into fresh water pools... a little aging for me ...hey ho! A new blueberry patch so we are all stocked up for the winter pies. Of course a few days at the seaside...completing with a seafood feast that always gives us stomach ache on the way home....too much indulgence! Trips to theme parks involving lots of screaming on scary rides. Oh fun, fun and more fun.

Today the weather is turning as we are expecting rain!

Is it a sign that cooler days are due? 

Is it time to get ready for school?

I guess so.

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