Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yummy Yellowska!

Trying to support the local economy earlier this year we bought a "farm share."

For you city folk this is when you pay a fixed price before the farmer sows his field and then for a 6 week period during the summer/fall you get a basket of local produce that have all been picked that day. Its great for the farmer as he gets some money to help plant and the customer receives  a basket of fresh produce at a reduced price.

Its great in theory however we are receiving lots of yellow summer squash, pickling cucumbers and beetroots which we are not fond of. So I have been chopping up the veggies & hiding them in stir fry dishes.

Number 3 said "Ewww what is this yellow stuff, I don't like summer squash."

I jumped in quickly and said" its not yellow squash it is yellowska." Do not even ask me where I got the name from as it came out of fresh air!

His response "ohh I like this yellowska."


A few days later we were eating dinner and number 3 pipes up "oh I see we are having yellowska."

Forgetful Fanny over here says "what do you mean?"

"You know mum yellowska that new veggie!"

"Ooh yes silly me I had forgotten!"

That was a close call!

I really had forgotten how gullible this age can be and how precious it is too.

Definitely the age of innocence!


Jane@WildeThymeKnits said...

Love it!

apartments in dubai said...

Hmm it sounds yummy. I have never eat this dish. Why don't you share the recipe with us?? I would like to give it a try.