Sunday, January 10, 2010

More broken bones!

So my darling daughter has a broken probs I thought after the ER visit which took forever as the place was full of broken skiers! I was sure that they would tape it up and she would have to be careful for a few weeks!

Oh not my girl! Apparently she has broken her growth plate at the top of the finger which has caused the tendon to detach! Yuck! She needs surgery asap i.e. tomorrow to have it all put back together! They are going to wire it & then put a "button for god’s sakes" outside to hold it in place!

Needless to say her basketball season has been rudely halted and she is devastated.

As are we. I have to have tomorrow off work to take her & try not to cry as they whip her into the operating room.

Just to warn you Mr. Dr. I was screwed over by the nose job man so I will be grilling you harshly before you touch my poppet!

Please cross your fingers for her.

Can somebody please leave a comment as I am having issues receiving them?



Daffodilly said...


Jenny said...

Oh my, that sounds absolutely awful! I hope that the surgery goes smoothly, and the healing process quickly. I know it's upsetting to you, and I cannot imagine, as a child, how hard it must be to realize what you won't be able to do for the foreseeable future (ie basketball). Take care.

Almost American said...

Poor kid - right at the beginning of the season :-(

And poor you - having to spend more time at the hospital and take time off so soon after starting the new job!

Expat mum said...

Personally I'm amazed and impressed that they even found those injuries, but like you, I'd rather go through the surgery myself than see one of my kids experience it. She'll be fine though.

Michelloui said...

Hope it has all gone well today. My daughter was a 'model' for a medical text book and seeing her on an operating table all ready for an op--even though I knew it was fake, made me a bit jittery! Looking forward to an update.

bluepoppy said...


oh NOoooooooooooo!

oh my god. Calling you right now.