Thursday, January 14, 2010

Conclusion of new career!

So I feel like I've been put in a vice & squeezed too tightly.

Why you may ask?

This is what you wear, this is what you say, this is how you wear your make up and your hair must be groomed.

Oh yes swallow an encyclopedia 6 times a day. Then take an average of 5 tests followed by final exams every day! NO burping allowed! If you do not get 80% RE-SIT YOU DUNCE!

Oh yes the CRD hits the PDO followed by the CC and do not forget the rule of FF that splits 3 ways & can be affected by the law of YYY! All this is in one sentence! Multiply this by 5 million a day & then take a few tests!

Holy Shit! It’s killing me.

Will I make it? Not too sure!

Do you like your new job Daffodilly???????

1 comment:

Expat mum said...

Come on - you have to tell me what you do.