Thursday, January 7, 2010

First week of working full time

This is my first week of working full time for six years and I am:

  1. Exhausted
  2. No food in the house.
  3. Cranky kids.
  4. Dog ate coloured markers and is now a mixture of blue and yellow.... she was white! Poor girl was bored!
  5. My daughter broke her finger playing basketball and we ended up in the ER until 8pm one night!
  6. Behind on number 3's reading due to too many activities after school plus ER visit!
  7. Cat still alive.
  8. So is the fish.
  9. Achy body as I am used to walking and being busy & not the sedenatary lifestyle.
  10. Did I mention that I am friggin knackered?
Any bloggers who work full time, eat healthy, exercise, have clean homes & a happy are ACE!!!

1 comment:

Almost American said...

work full time - YES
eat healthy - (mostly) YES (Though I did snarf an entire chocolate orange today!)
exercise - NO
have clean homes - mostly, though some might disagree
a happy family - Mostly ;-)

BTW, I've tried both email addresses I have for you and email keeps bouncing back :-(