Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Metamorphosis

So here I go from a mummy to a working professional..... it is a strange feeling.

I have always worked part time whilst looking after my babies so I felt that I still had my skills. Yes I knew the pc & its various packages, how to dress and behave professionally, how to juggle kids, running a house, staying fit & eating healthy. I am a great multi tasker and do my bit for the community, charities and volunteering however I guess the past three weeks have been a killer.

I had to work full time & travel whilst training which resulted in my having to ask for favours picking up & dropping kids off at their activities which I loathe doing. I guess I like to be in control! My poor Molly (the dog) was not happy at having no mummy around for at least a few hours during the day. The cat did not like to be thrown out in the morning & not be let back in until 4pm when the kids got home. The kids loved the getting home, eating whatever they wanted & then watching crap on the TV! Meals were served late, reading was skipped and by week three we were one grumpy family!

This week I am doing my normal hours which are only 20 a week over 5 days including Saturday...yuck! So life should get a little better. The job is still very demanding with so many variations I doubt I will ever get my head around it! It seems that constant tests are the way of life over here so I either get used to it or dump it!

I was trying to be conscientious so I tried to do an exam at home after number 3 was in bed. In one hour I was interrupted by the cat, the dog, number 1, number 2 and then Sir L (he had a cup of tea for me but since I was trying to finish my exam he took the rath of my temper! Poor Man! Needless to say I failed the exam so I was really pissed off as I will have to retake it!

Expat Mum I have gone into banking in reply to your question a few weeks ago!

Let’s see if I make it!

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AliBlahBlah said...

Good for you - and good luck. I know it'll get easier. I have a very pressured job (4 days a week) but I swear that even on the worst days, being able to grab 5 minutes to myself with a cup of tea at my desk still beats looking after 2 little girls.

I just wish we had naps at work.