Sunday, November 18, 2007

An all over the place blog!

I have just cooked a most scrumptious dinner... even if I do say so myself! Roast lamb in garlic & freshly chopped herbs from my pot, roasted potatoes, garlicked sweet potatoes and good old cabbage. Yummy, yummy.

It reminds me of home & the Sunday dinners that we would always have. Speaking of the Brits there has been some severe marketing over there this year for Xmas. I have been swamped with requests via e-mail & telephone as to what the kids would like for Xmas. My sister in law stressed that there were only 5 weeks left before Xmas!!! To me that is more than plenty as I have to buy, wrap & post for both Sir L & my family. Mailing normally only takes 5 days too. We have been threatened that if we do not respond by the end of today we will all get coal! I did comment that I would prefer oil as it is a silly price at present...

So the mad frenzy has, spend, wrap= lots of stress. Why do we do it?

Enough moaning. What a beautiful weekend we have had again even though it is just above freezing, the sun is out (always makes for a happy Daffodilly!)

Spinning away on Saturday morning my mountains had snow on the top...that did not stop super spinner Daffodilly this weekend! Even Lance Armstrong would have struggled to keep my pace. There was a guy in the class who continually sets world records for spinning/cycling for numerous days at a time & when he pedals quickly he looks like road runner off the cartoon. His legs go so fast you cannot see them. I was very tempted to push him off his bike... show off!

My mind sems to be jumping all over the place today.. is it hormones or the strangely shaped moon that we have at present? Maybe even both!

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AliBlahBlah said...

You could always try sticking a crowbar in his spokes and then watch him fly over the handlebars.

Sorry, I'm clearly not in a very good mood.