Friday, November 9, 2007

The last of the leaves...after Noel!

So here is what remains of the leaves on the tress after hurricane Noel.....not very much especially if you were hoping to have a family portrait with the fall colors! C'est la vie!

Last night I took a spinning class. I have to take a photo of the view as it is all mountains. As I am pedalling along in class I am Lance Armstrong at the top of the mountain even the one with snow on....Mount Washington! Here is today's happy moment ..I really am lucky to be able to live here as how boring would it be to look at roofs, chimneys & pollution pouring out of factories... all grey & gloomy whilst sweating & spinning away! I know I am a spoilt brat!

Well enough of Pollyanna! What shall we all do today as Sir L is still in Italy on business. I could bring in all the summer clutter... chairs, tables, swing seat, football net, numerous bikes, scooters, balls etc that my kids cannot seem to live without yet are unable to part with! Or even rake the 500 hundred, billion, trillion leaves that are all over the grass.....out of stubbornness ( who knew that there were 2 n's in this word?) I cannot do it! Raking leaves after all I wanted was a family photo with them on the trees. It feel s like the trees have had the last word!!!

Anyway I still have 4 bags of leaves in the garden left over from last year that are probably ready for my compost heap! I have to expand a little here.....we live on 5 acres so even though we do have a little bit of what we call "the woods" we have a lot of grass to cut (2 hour job) or hours worth of leaf raking to do! Any volunteers?

Other alternatives I may take (drag) the kids hiking as there is a frost in the air and these days are numbered with the winter about to pounce in. The last hike to the fire tower is still memorable for my 4 year old....every mountain we see he says "I see the tower on the climb that we did." Please bear in mind that we live in New England & are surrounded by the White Mountains! So I hear this statement on average 5 million times a day & do not forget that he is in school most days.

Or I could do all the mundane stuff...laundry, cleaning, wash the car blah blah blah!

I guess it is decision time.......let me have one more coffee to think on it!

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