Thursday, November 15, 2007


What is it that makes us all want to have a fulfilling career? I blame it on going to an all girls grammar school from the ages of 11-16 years old. We were educated in our little Madeline uniforms... blazers,berets & brief cases! For goodness sakes the briefcases were bigger than us! We were the new women of the 21st Century.......supposedly going to be CEO's, directors, doctors, lawyers etc.

We were told that if you were not good at french you had to learn typing as it meant that you were on the path for a secretary's job. I felt so superior as I was OK at french... how little did they know that typing was an essential once the computer age hit! So much for speaking "oh la la!" So all the supposed to be secretaries are all managers & the french speakers.....well probably working at M & S.

I have had a variety of jobs ranging from hotel manager, sales support, buyer, health club manager until I moved to NH. Little did I know that on arriving in USA I was pregnant with number 1. I thought that I was stressed & the water did not agree with me! More like the result of too many emigrating parties & having to empty the drinks cabinet as we could not bring it with us!

Where I live is beautiful & very rural. Lots of sun & lakes in the summer & snow in the winter however the job market is abysmal. I have been a waitress, account manager, tele - marketer .. (I know it sucks), cleaner (well it pays well!), personal assistant & now I am trying a new career as an assistant teacher.

As I lay on the floor surrounded by 3 year olds pretending to be a kernel of popcorn about to pop I could see my dad sitting on my shoulder saying " what the hell are you doing after I paid good money for your education?"

So let's see if this is the new career for me or if I should go back to cleaning. Can you believe that you can get $25/hour for cleaning here & only $9/hour for being a teacher? As they say is Yorkshire " there's money in muck!"

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