Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh White Xmas!

Yesterday I took number 1 & 2 kids to Boston to see the theatre production of White Christmas.


You have to understand being country bumpkins going to the city is a biggie for us. Oh yes no ripped jeans & matching underwear ( I still have 1 special set after all of these mummy years!).

"We have to look like we fit in & please do not ooh & aah at the skyscrapers or our disguise will be ruined" I advised the kids!

The last time we were in Macy's they played on the escalators until a tight lipped sales assistant spoiled their fun. It is one weird feeling watching your kids being fascinated at the ages of 9 & 11 by an escalator as I grew up in suburbia.

Anyway back to the theatre. Oh it was so beautiful. Excellent acting, singing, dancing & costumes. I even had brimming eyes at the end. Two old ladies in front of us were bawling their heads off... that will be me next year!

It was the last scene when the General opens the barn door & there is the snow.. always a tear jerk er. The snow even came down into the audience!

So if you are a local I highly recommend a visit to the Wang Theatre & if you are not.... tough!

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