Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jack Frost is out!

Today I woke up to a crisp frost covering the ground. My heart sank & my shoulders scrunched as I could feel the iciness chilling my bones. I went to advise my kids... "dress warmly!"

As I told each one of them they jumped out of bed all my utter shock!

They then had breakfast, got dressed & ran outside to play in the frost! My crazy genes have come into play at last!

It made me think about how we all respond differently to life. Here I was all miserable & feeling chilly as all I could think of was after the ice we get the dumps of snow! The children were all excited as they wanted snow!

I have to admit that I am now going to change my outlook on life & try to look for something positive each day. Knowing that Sir L. is in Italy this week on business is a little sickening however on the bright side the weather over there is the same as here at the moment!

I am not sure that I could handle him coming home with a tan!

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