Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Croup!

Any mothers out there will know the horror of croup.

Why I hate the croup?
  • Listening to your child bark like a seal... totally unnatural & places doubt as to where your or more likely his genes came from!
  • Holding their exhausted limp sweaty body to comfort them as you feel so helpless.
  • Spending hours in the bathroom.... you know how a slug feels continually damp & moist due to living in the shower.
  • You are in the shower for so long you discover how filthy your bathroom really is, why do you never wipe the paintwork, all the cups they play with are dirty.. how can that be they are in the bath?

The most worst part is that as soon as it has stopped you put them back to bed, climb into your own bed & just as you have dried off & are about to nod off .....then the barking starts again! Then it is back to the beginning again. Shower, steam sleep. After multiple hours of the same routine it is morning.

Your child gets up , you drag yourself through the motions of waking the household & getting on with the day. The barking seal of the night before is a normal child in the daytime..rosy cheeked, eats & drinks well maybe only a little tired.

Was it all a dream????

Oh no the proof is looking at the parent. You have red veiny eyes, limp hair from the continuous steam sessions, your pimples have been popping beautifully... but you forget to clean your face due to other priorities so now you are looking like a hormonal teenager called Spot.

Exhaustion is just not a strong enough word for how you feel.

It is going to take more than a glass of wine & English chocolate to get me through today!

Let's hope that tonight is not a repeat as my whole face may explode with zits!

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