Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can you keep up with technology?

Is anyone else struggling with keeping up with technology like I am?

I replaced my cellphone and I had to learn how to use a new one. Obviously if you were able to replace it with a replica (which is unheard of these days as they have always gone out of style) it would be alot easier.

I now own an Ipod Shuffle, I was so excited about becoming trendy but what problems! First you have to learn how to use it and then I am still fathomng out how to get itunes off the computer and into the Ipod. When will they invent a verbal command? I want to be able to plug the Ipod into the computer and say " please transfer "Beautiful Day by U2" to my Ipod." Not learn to download this, put it into a file, name it and then download onto the Ipod. Hassle!

Yes folks you are looking at a woman who can still not tape anything off the TV! They have invented Tivo and video's and DVD's why not the verbal command?

Every new item of technolgy also comes with a password that you have to remember.....well now that we have so much stuff how many passwords do you know or should I say remember? Life is getting out of control!


Limey said...

A few years ago my husband (who is 6 years older than I am - in his early 30s) was very technologically savvy and up-to-date, but now he is falling behind as I get to the top of the technology game. While I'm on top of it all now, I'm already feeling a bit tired of it and foresee me giving up on trying to keep up within the next few years!

Jane said...

Know how you feel. I'm trying to get back into my field. Thankfully there's been a technical revolution in the past few years and I'm actually getting ahead by studying hard in my spare time, but...staying on top when things are changing so fast constantly makes me feel that I'm behind.