Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sulking & sacrifice!

As you can see my bottmom lip is still sticking out a mile!

Not only is Sir L going to the UK over Thanksgiving when he gets back for a couple of days he is then off to Japan for a week! WTF?

Sometimes the sacrifices that a mother makes are just too huge. Sir L's job often entails travelling all over the world at the last minute. I have always worked part time since we have had children so that the family life contnues as we have no family support for sick kids, emergencies etc except for a few good friends.

Due to living in such a beautiful yet rural area jobs are few & far beween so my job expectations have dropped dramatically since living here. In the UK I was a buyer for a leasing company with tons of perks. Since living in the USA I have done daycare, taught at preschool, cleaned houses, waitressed and worked in a call center.... all menial jobs. Now all 3 kids are in school full time I was hoping to re-join the career market but oh no there is a recesssion which is making it a slow process. For example there were 4 jobs listed in the paper today..2 for nurses, 1 for a carpenter and one for snow removal help!!!!

So whilst Sir L hits the airports and restaurants around the world I will be taxing the crew around NH!

So my bottom lip is pertruding, life is unfair & I just maybe I am a little hormonal!

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