Sunday, November 29, 2009

Drag them out!

My older kids do not want to do anything. They prefer to stay at home, listen to music, watch TV, play on the computer blah, blah, blah. This ticks me off.

My six year old is "oh so positive and full of vim & vigour."

So today I woke them all up at 8.30am...I know I'm mean!

Then dragged them all out for a day at the seaside.

Of course there were some harsh words from the 11 & 13 year old however, my six year old was carefully "NOT" turning the basement upside down looking for his bucket in sheeer intrepidation.

Two hours later we were there in 62 degrees weather walking along the beach.

Molly also came for her introduction to seawater which was amusing as she continually tried to drink it as she is used to the lake water.

We collected shells, had fresh seafood & returned home exhausted, smelling of the sea and happy.

Everyone admiitted that they had had a good time as we all fell into bed.

It was well worth the harsh wake up call!

"See kids your mum knows best!"


Smocha said...

That's usually the case:)

Years ago my husband used to work the night shift on Friday nights ,so Saturday I would wake the kids up and force them to go somewhere with me,we would just drive until we found some place to go. It would be a harvest fest, a beach, lunch in some strang town.

They always acted like it was a death scentance ...but later they had a good time.

Now that they are grown I hope they remember those days with a smile.

bluepoppy said...

ditto what Smocha says--

and that PHOTO!! oh my-- you simply must blow it up and have it framed-- it's perfect