Thursday, November 5, 2009

Smelly people day!

So I am now working fewer hours & have joined the "lucky day shoppers group." (Whilst in the process of trying to get another job.)  No more frantic rushes after work to pull a dinner together. Lucky me I thought...or not as the case may be today!

Since I live in the boonies once a month I travel an hour to go to the larger supermarket to stock up. Plus we had a few flurries today urging me onwards incase of a snow day so I hit the highway.

I pulled into the parking lot, grabbed a trolley and hit the aisles.

Now I do not think that I am snobby however today tested my "keeping your gob closed capabilities."

The shop was heaving with hefty looking folk and it seemed to me that they all seemed to have a nasty body odor, greasy hair, grubby clothes & tight fitting leggings showing lots of knicker lines (the chunky chinny ones!).

Oh my the stress!

The lady in front of me lets call her "Big Bessie" with her partner "Pongy Peter" smelt so badly of wee I thought that I was going to faint whilst looking for their puddle on the floor!

Over at the vegetables aisle I was loading a bag with broccli and the man next to me smelt of shower gel I was so surprised and happy I nearly commented on his cleanliness!!!! I fought for control of myself as I realised what a tart I was being , he would probably think that I was trying to pick him up!

But when I got to the check out with the hundreds of "stinkers" (as they had long queues) the lady in front of me "Queen Muck" had a cart full of white processed bread, donuts, chocolate bars, frozen ready made meals and grape soda. I swear there were fumes coming off her! I was so tempted to get her attention and say "oh my, love you have forgotten to buy soap try over in aisle 1 and grab some bleach too you smelly cow!" I did'nt. Too make it worse she was pregnant. Then to cap it all she bought a huge box of cigarettes.

My mouth was twitching to give her a mouthful, however you would be so proud of me as I managed to control myself!

What is happening to the world?


Silvia said...

I know just how you feel!!!! Only I work on the other side so to speak!!! Im the girl behind the counter who day in and day out has to deel with these 'whiffers'!!!! After all these Years i still have not come up with any plausible excuse why ppl can't wash and deodorise themself and wear clean clothse

Daffodilly said... are a trooper! I would be spraying air freshner or lighting smelly candles as they approached me!