Friday, November 20, 2009

Things to be grateful for or relieved about!

This is not just the "norm" my family etc really things that you have to dig deep to find.

1. Watching my washing blowing on the washing line gives me a good feeling. Is it due to my heritage as it is very Eglish, the delicious scent on your bedding or the being eco friendly? I guess it is all of them.

2. The relief when you feel a little down, brew a cupof tea, look for some chocolate and are dissapointed and then as you shut the door you spy a corner of your favourite wrapper...relief! It was just hiding!

3. Hearing your cellphone go and not being able to find it until th last ring & you manage to grab the call in the nick of time.

4. So grateful that it is November and it is still warm enough to just wear a fleece outside!

5. Looking for a clean tisue in your pocket or bag as your nose is abou to drop a dollop & finding the last tissue in the packet.

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