Monday, November 9, 2009

How many lives does a dog have?

We nearly lost Molly our 7 month old lab this weekend. Infact she has had quite a rough week.

She chewed through her new lead which we have had for almost 2 weeks...the rotter.

Worse still she attacked my daughters Uggs & chewed the fur off them......we are in the process of sticking them back together! My daughter is trying to find it in her heart to re-bond with the dog.

Then she wandered off & did not come home for a hour...I thought that she had been eaten by a wild animal!

On Saturday we had a bonfire party and Sir L was chopping wood with his electric saw mill. Molly picked up the wire and bit through it. She went into electric convulsions and her mouth was jammed to the wire. Thank god Sir L is an electrical engineer by trade as he picked up the wire wth the dog dangling on it and shook her off it. When she hit the floor she woke up. The first I heard of it was the dog screaming in pain and running around the garden.

I grabbed her and her whole body was shaking & her eyes were rolling. We managed to calm her down and found that her tongue has a "cooked line across it."

She is ok but we were all distarught.

I'm wondering if she is related to Marley???????????????


Almost American said...

Poor Molly! Has she learned her lesson and stopped biting things?

Expat mum said...

Oh god - my kids are desperate for a dog and I'm almost there. I love dogs but I know what it means to look after them. My brother and family lost their beloved retriever today and even my kids are gutted. My sister has just bought her third dog, which is a really naughty puppy and the other two are having to be sectioned off just to keep her from destroying everything in sight.

Daffodilly said...

I hope that she has learnt her lesson!

Expat Mum get the puppy as they keep you company whilst the kids & hubby are away & you HAVE to walk you get fit too!

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