Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Graham Norton Show

Oh last night I laughed & laughed so hard I nearly wet the bed! It felt so good the laughing (not nearly having an accident!

Sir L & I were watching "The Graham Norton Show" on BBC America. He hosts a chat show and is extremely funny bouncing off his guests & having everyone in stitches. To make it even funnier his guests were Dawn French who I adore, Rod Stewart who has a cracking sense of humour & Michael Palin who brings everything down to lavatory level in a funny way.

Dawn French is snogging her way around the world looking for the best rock girl! SHe says her hubby Lenny Henry is still the best which of course gets every male going as they al have such a big ego! Rod Stewart was confessing how he would dress up as an airline pilot and pose at Heathrow Airport to pick up women. He also got thrown out of a hotel in the states as he & his band wrecked the joint then had the nerve to go back the following year & sign in as Fleetwood Mack! Michaal Palin was in deep discussion regarding colonoscopie's.

Oh I do miss the British humour of quick funny comments that always seem to head towards the dirt or loo's!

So if you are feeling homesick watch this on a Saturday night at 10pm Eastern time. It really is worth it! Of course there are people out there who actually have a social life on a Saturday night...lucky sods!


Anonymous said...

It was a great show wasn't it? I just finished reading Dawn's book. I worship the ground she walks on - a comic genius.

Almost American said...

Argh! I really wanted to watch that one and I missed it.

DH usually falls asleep before the end of the show - it was months before he found out that there's usually a musical act at the end!