Thursday, November 12, 2009

Third Day of NaBloPoMo

So what do you do when you are sick at home for the week with the flu? Oh yes let's challenge yourself by joining NaBloPoMo which means writing a post for 30 days non stop. I must be mad?

Well I'm watching Survivor and just had a gulty feeling that I have not posted today as I've been blowing my nostrils to pieces trying to keep up with the snot removal! This flu is a rotter. I've has the unable to get warm stage, shivers stage, headaches stage, achy body stage, exhausted stage and now I am at the snot stage. When will it end?????

Of course I could look at this through Pollyanna's eyes: "I'm feling a little under the weather so I stayed at home so that I would not spread my germs. I'm sure I will feel better tomorrow. Darn Survivor is back on got to go folks!

I know sad isn't it? At least I've posted today!

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Jane said...

Get well soon, Daff. I know just how you feel....I'm at the FED UP stage! I've been told flu season hasn't started yet, but this sure feels like the flu to me. I haven't had a cold that's gone on for a week and left me out of action like this for years.
Here's hoping we feel better next week.