Monday, November 16, 2009


So, Sir L has been requested to go to the UK for a week leaving asap. This happens all the time which is no big deal as it can be anywhere in the world, however when it is returning to the homeland & Daffodilly is feeling rather homesick its not fair. To make it worse he is going to my hometown to work.

I have been googling flights but alas at $760 each we cannot go with him so LIFE IS UNFAIR!


Limey said...

I completely understand how you must feel - so sorry! It's a pain in the arse. I wonder if BA has any deals at the moment??

Smocha said...

I feel your pain. My spouse gets to go to Spain next week while I get left home :(

bluepoppy said...

OUCH-- I cannot believe that when we were just talking about YOU going the other day- sheesh-- we will bring red wine on Thursday and make sure Sir L brings you back a suitcase full of chocolate!


Jane said...

You have my sympathy. I haven't been home since we moved here 5yrs ago and my hubby's been at least twice for work.