Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sisterly love

You may ask what is this?

This is Tiptoe a stuffed pet rat that Santa gave to number 3 last year. He has become a treasured member of our family...probably because I loathe rats & constantly find him hidden in my bed or car! Much to my kids delight!

Well our darling 6 month old lab Molly decided she was a little jealous of the attention that Tiptoe receives from our kids and attacked him over night.

When we woke up he was missing two paws.....number 3 goes into hysteria..wanting to get rid of the dog, his life will never be the same blah blah blah!

Darling sister jumps to the rescue & offers to sew him up & put him in a hospital bed to recuperate.

Situation resolved...thank you darling daughter!

Here is the guilty culprit.......


Almost American said...

So the dog's a ratter, eh?

Is #3 expecting the rats legs to heal?

Expat mum said...

Yes, can you sneakily go out and buy a "new one"? Rat not dog, I mean.

Daffodilly said...

Since I live in the boonies..the chance of finding a new Tiptoe is not vey likely!

Not sure of the healing process...maybe we should make him a wheelchair???